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"I just wanted to write and express my gratitude for all the work and dedication to my son's case. Sussan, Greenwald & Wesler and Andrew Meltzer went to bat for my family and we prevailed in the end. We will be forever grateful and can't wait to see our son prosper in his new placement."

 Thank you,
Tom and Jen P.


"[MS] made the Dean's list at Johns Hopkins University! Thank you for being there for [MS] when she needed you in her corner!" :)

- Mrs. S.


Dear Stacy,
"I cannot believe that I [met] you 6 years ago. Although it was one of the most stressful times in my life, you were amazing at helping me navigate the system. After much work, we are finally in a school system where teachers care and admistration gives [our child] what she needs to grow and learn. We are actually blessed with a fabulous case worker. [Our daughter] is thriving because of you and I wanted to send this picture to show you how mature and beaufitul she has become. You have inspired her to reach for the stars. You told her at the age of 10 that she was smart, could be whatever she wanted and gave her hope I will never forget the day you told me that she has so many strengths and she would succeed. Thanks!!
Look at this picture on those days when you are stressed, wondering why you left teaching to do law and see what success you played in [our daughter's] life and so many others!!"

~Mr. and Mrs. G


"I was just thinking of you because my daughter, whom you empowered throughout middle school and high school through your invaluable role in the development and implementation of her 504, is now gratefully beginning her next chapter -- university. She has decided to apply to institutions with a highly competitive biomedical engineering and music performance conservatory with the intention of completing a full major in both fields. She has decided her life would not be complete w/o including both passions. She was inspired by the professionals who helped her brother through his spinal cord injury, that resulted in a temporary paralysis, that through OT, PT, RT and every T, helped him return to life as he knew it, including running a 5K & back on the ice, playing hockey. She was also inspired by you, who stood up to the school, and helped them understand, why she needed a 504. I can't say that she is symptom free and fully recovered, but I can say that she has made her way just fine, and in looking back, has seen how one person, like you, can make a difference. She wants to become that one person in many people’s lives like you are. She has been offered auditions at two highly-regarded Conservatories, as well as an expense paid trip to one of the top biomedical universities in order to experience the Engineering Dept, eat w/ faculty and sleep in a dorm w/ other engineering students. She did not get an audition from one of these conservatories, but she plans on making a second request in person. She is also going to her first semi-formal. I thought you would appreciate knowing!"

~Ms. S.


“I just wanted to update you on one of your success stories. Thanks for all you did to keep our son’s services in place during his teenage years. He is soaring."
~Mr. and Mrs. M.


"After reading your article about twice exceptional kids, I just wanted to say thank you. My three twice exceptional children are all grown adults, out on their own, with good jobs, making money supporting themselves. Thank you again for everything you did for our family."
~Ms. S.


"I just wanted to update you on our son, DT.  He graduated his residential program in June and just finished the first half of his Post Graduate program there where he took 2 community college elective courses.

He decided he wanted to apply to college and we were very anxious about it. We were unsure he would get accepted and really didn't have many options especially since he wanted a program that was more typical.

Well the good news is D was accepted to University!  He can't wait and is super excited!  He begins this month.  We are certainly over the moon excited for him too.  He managed to do it all on his own.. application, interview and follow up... it's a blessing that he was accepted and now we pray he can be successful there.

It certainly is a beautiful campus and offers a lot in a mainstream setting.  He was accepted to the Learning Institute of Achievement.  We are very hopeful they can support his needs but are just grateful that he gets to even have the experience.

He received a scholarship as well! We are still amazed!

It's certainly been a long journey.  We just wanted to tell you since you were so instrumental in his journey.

Thank you for your help over the years in getting D an appropriate education."

~Mrs. T

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